With a voice loaded in emotion and power, Izzy S.O. plays on heavy guitar rhythms and soft melodies that will fill you to your core. She will soon release her debut single ‘Flirting With Strangers’, accompanied by live performances at some of London’s staple venues throughout the year. 
Raised in a household buzzing with musical expression and creativity, Izzy drew influence from a wide range of artists, such as Alanis Morissette, Bush, Damien Rice and Mazzy Star. Ever since her time at school, Izzy turned to poetry as an artistic outlet to process her emotions and experiences. This later transcended into her songwriting, as her lyrics project the subtle touch of a skilled articulator. 
In addition to leaving school at sixteen to pursue music, Izzy has also had a successful career as an actor. She performed in a play called Sunrise for the Blind in Manchester and London, where she acted as a feisty working-class Mancunian, and later went on to be in Nickelodeon’s popular comedy TV series ‘Goldie’s Oldies’. 
When the pandemic struck and the acting industry came to a sudden halt, writing remained a saving grace to Izzy. She began bringing her words to life through working with producer Dustin Dooley and writing with fellow creative, Tadhg Daly. Exploring an alternative blend of pop-tinged rock, soft punk, and indie, Izzy S.O. showcases bold guitar riffs and lyrical craftsmanship comparable to that of Avril Lavigne. She casts a light on mental health issues and the complex emotions attached to growing up while moving listeners through heartfelt tunes that give off a comforting sense of comfort and warmth. 

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