Behind a well-established moustache and deadpan inclinations, North Eastern indie maverick Trunky Juno resides within his own sphere of off-kilter artistry. Known for his masterful lyricism, warped sounds and bold ideations, the Durham native brings his unique disposition to the alternative music scene, twisting the mundane into the entertaining. Having recently signed with Young Poet, Trunky Juno’s  universe is beginning its glorious expansion.
During the height of the global pandemic, Trunky Juno released his debut EP 'Too Many Teeth', followed by the 'Good Dog EP' in September 2021. With support from Jack Saunders (BBC Radio 1) and Zane Lowe (Apple Music 1), as well as being curated on Spotify playlists including ‘Fresh Finds’, ‘melomania’ and ‘Garden Indie’, Trunky Juno is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with, loved by algorithms and people alike.

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