MINAS is the project from Greek/Welsh producer & musician James Minas, alongside rhythm section the Davies Brothers.
MINAS grew up in the circus with parents who were heavily involved in the 1980’s punk scene and then moved to secondary school in the Welsh Valleys. His music draws from the boredom and shenanigans that took place. The songs reveal stories of a checkered past over a mix of deep melodic soundscapes and loud, aggressive impacts. Covering subjects from his personal struggles with mental health (“My heart was giving my ribs a kicking”) to disillusionment (“Three pound meal deals feeding my mates”). Minas holds a mirror up to society, trying to understand it. As a respected producer, James is working to build a new sound for the South Wales scene with a number of artists and genres. However, as an artist, Minas presents his own brutal honesty and lays open a vulnerability for all to hear.
Fresh off the back of releasing his heavily acclaimed debut album ‘All My Love Has Failed Me’, MINAS is preparing to release a series of smaller recordings due to be released later in 2023.

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